Cardi B And Offset Are Officially Back Together!

Ever since Cardi announced that she’s getting a divorce from her husband Offset, it seems there’s been nothing but drama, including secret holidays, surprise pop ups, social media exposes and loads more.

According to TMZ, it seems like the couple are looking to give their marriage another go. Sources say Cardi is returning to their Atlanta home they shared before the breakup. This is the first time she’s been back to stay with Offset and Kulture since December.

There might’ve been clues of reconciliation for a while. Just last week, Cardi posted a screenshot on instagram saying “I wanna go home”.

Apparently one of the main changes Offset is proving to his wife, is changing his phone number, this is showing Cardi how serious he is about making their marriage work. The new number is strictly for Cardi and business only.

There’s also a “No Groupie” rule, which will be in full effect this weekend. Offset has made it very clear that he does not want any female fans near him during his Super Bowl appearances in Atlanta.

Let’s hope that Offset can stick to his vowels this time.

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