Ariana Grande Mistakenly Gets A New Tattoo That Goes All The Way Wrong

So Dumb… But Anyway

You would think to do research before getting a tattoo, especially if it’s in another language, well not for Miss Grande.

Chart topping singer Ariana Grande is a taking a big ol L(Loss) after getting a tattoo that doesn’t translate to what she had thought. To celebrate her hit single “7 Rings”, Grande decides to get a japanese tattoo of the same words…. but things don’t go quite as planned.

When Ariana posted the picture of her tattoo on her instagram, her fans pointed out that her “7 Rings” actually reads “shichirin” which means “Japanese barbecue”. SMH

After being baited out on insta, Ariana hopped on Twitter with a series of responses addressing the mistake that was made.

Image result for ariana grande tweets about her hand tattoo

While looking at the picture, Don’t you think her hand looks fake?

What do you think Ariana’s tattoo fail? Do you like her new song “7 Rings”? Comment below.


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