Kim Porter Passed Away From A Form Of Pneumonia

attends Sean 'Diddy' Combs Exclusive Birthday Celebration on November 21, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

As we reported back in november, Kim porter sadly passed away at the age of 47 year old.

The l.A Coroner’s office have released the official cause of her death. According to TMZ, Kim passed from lobar pneumonia which is an inflammation of an entire lobe of the lungs.

Before Kim passed she had gotten a massage from her goddaughter and watched movies with family members until going to bed at 11:30 PM. The report lists that as the last known time she was alive.

The next day around 8:30am, her goodaughte thought Kim was sleeping so she left for work. The reports say that the housemates went to go check on Kim at 11.30am, that’s when they found her unresponsive and called 911.

Two days before her death, Kim had called her doctor saying she didn’t feel well and had no appetite. The report says a nurse made a house call to give her a saline solution drip infused with vitamins. The next day, Kim complained to doctor she had a streak of blood in her phlegm.

The toxicology report says there were no narcotic drugs or alcohol in her system.




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