Rapper XXXTentacion Shot Dead In Florida ” With No Pulse”

This world is so crazy

On Monday, 18th June 2018, TMZ confirmed that 20 year old rapper XXXTentacion was pronnouned dead in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The reports indicate that this was a potential drive by robbery.

Before all this came about, XXXTentacion whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was on Instagram Live talking about if he were to die or “be a sacrifice”, then he would want his fans to make somethings of themselves, and turn their negatives into positives. This was his last Instagram stream.

XXX was shopping for motorcycles. As he was leaving the motorcycle dealer, 2 boys with a gun ran up to his car and shot him before fleeing the scene.

Eyewitnesses on the scene recorded video footage immediately after the shooting showing the rapper’s lifeless body in his car. He had “no pulse,” according to witnesses.

The two men were described as black males wearing hoodies; one has been said to have worn a red mask. The dudes names are “Rappers” Solider Kidd and Soldier JoJo. According to a dispatch report, the getaway cars could’ve possibly been a black Dodge Journey, Chevy Tahoe, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Image result for soldier kidd and soldier jojo

Just before the fatal shooting took place,Soldier Kidd and Solider JoJo posted on the gram that they were at some Fish and chicken spot that was only 6-8 minutes away from where XXXTentacion was.

Image result for soldier kidd instagram

XXX stated via Instagram that he was planning a charity event in Florida.

Image result for xxxtentacion last instagram post

Condolences to XXXTentacion’s family and friends. Rest In Peace.




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