New Music: T Pain Ft Chris Brown – Classic You

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That’s classic you

T pain and Chris reunite once again. This time the dynamic duo join forces on “Classic You” which is a track off of T pain’s new album ” OBliViON”.

Listening to the song, you hear T pain singing about his haters and his winning partner, which i’m guessing is his wifey. He raps, “Ni**as hatin’ on your boy ’cause they know I got a winner ….got a winner and I get up in her, too hard, Good God ….I be havin’ her for dinner…. I wouldn’t have it any other way…. Tell them ni**as they gon’ have to learn today.”

Chris continues the tune by singing about his ride and stripper playmate. He sings, “You might see my baby in the wraith…. Back seat pimpin ….ni**a, I gotta have a driver…… throwing money in the stripper face ….Bring that bitch home, give that ass a couple dollars.”

This song just adds to the long list of collaborations between T Pain and Breezy. The duo has done tracks such as Kiss Kiss, Freeze, Bring it back, Look at her go, Algo Me Gusta De Ti and Best love song.

T Pain has a few features on his album such as, Tiffany Evans Ty Dollar Sign, Blac Youngster, Wale and Neyo.

Listen To Track Below:

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