Doctors Find A Lightbulb That’s Been In A Man For 11 Years

Image result for lightbulb inside a man for 11 years

WTF. How Did this even come about!!!

Doctors in Saudi Arabia were beyond shocked to discover a lightbulb that had been in a man for 11 years. The un-identidied man went to the emergency room at Prince Saud bin Jalawi Hospital in the eastern al-Ahsa, complaining about having severe nausea, high fever, abdominal pains and fatigue according to

After going through many CT scans, it revealed a large mysterious object sitting in the stomach. The doctors had found the lighbulb that had been in his stomach since he was 10 years old. The surgery was successful with no complications and had just lasted over an hour. The man is expected to remain at the hospital for a few days until he gets the A-OK from the doctors.

Knowing that he had swallowed the lightbulb from the age of 10, should’nt he have gone to get it removed a long time ago. And who in their right mind would think to swallow something that they can’t digest. Just DUMB!!!


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