Fabolous Drops $40K To Fix His Crooked Smile

Image result for rapper fabolous pays 40k to fix his teeth

Worth Every Penny!!!

Have you ever heard the saying “put your money where your mouth is???”, Well Fabolous did exactly that. Loso visited New York dentist Mojgan Fajiram to get 10 veneers, which don’t come cheap because each veneer cost $4,000 so it definitely adds up.

Listening to his songs, you would know he’s referenced his crooked smile in songs like “Into you” ft Tamia, rapping “You love my smile, no matter how chipped my tooth is”

After turning 39 last year, fab wanted to treat himself as belated birthday gift to get his teeth done. Well done fab, Money well spent!!!!

We can now say that his chipped tooth is no longer apart of his signature look.

Here’s The Before Pic:

Image result for before pics of fabolous the rapper teeth

On his Instagram page, you can see he’s already stunting and flashing his new grills. His grills be shining bright!!!


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