New Music: Chris Brown Ft Trey Songz & Young Thug – Dat Night


Image result for chris brown ft trey songz and young thug dat night

These lyrics are savage!!!

As a new years eve gift to the fans, Chris released his brand new track called ” Dat Night” which features Trigga Trey and Young Thug. Bragging about how much b*itches they get on a regular basis, Breezy, Trey and Thug spit lyrics like:

Chris’s Verse:

“Damn, f*ck the situation, f*ck them b*tches hatin’/F*ck a pillow talkin’ nigga that be instigatin’/Frustrated, now I know why they all hate me/I f*ck these b*tches and they know that I make pretty babies/Detroit got me back on my back f*ckin’ black b*tches/Tippin’ 4 and I’m pourin’ 4 of Actavis/She know every time I turn up, I keep f*ckin’ up mattresses/Tryna ask me why I don’t nut/Percocet make the d*ck like a magician”

Trey’s Verse:

“All my b*tches with the shit when I be in Toronto/I could get the pu**y eyes closed with a blindfold/It’s a warzone, nigga we be in Chicago/Lot of mommas cry, n*ggas die in Chicago/ They hopped in the Benz I f*cked all her friends”

Thugger’s Verse:
“Ay, make her suck d*ck on the patio/I might eat that b*tch up like some ravioli/I get a rush in designer zone/Why a young n*gga tellin’ they telly tellies/I f*ck her good, I don’t tell them nothin’/Nut in her hair, make it good and fussy/I get it in with a bigger budget/And the inside my car look like peanut butter/Trap it when you walk baby/I done came from rags to riches, did all baby.”

Listen To The Track Below:

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