DNA Proves Stevie J Is The Father Of Joseline’s Baby

Image result for stevie j and joseline baby

Stevie, when it comes to Joseline’s unborn baby… YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well there you have it guys, the DNA proves that Stevie is the father of their unborn baby girl. According to TMZ Stevie is looking to seek visitation rights and primary physical custody for when the baby is born. So everyone now knows the proof is in the pudding, so hopefully Joesline doesn’t try to say anything otherwise.

Joesline is due on the 9th January 2017 and despite the former lovers are no longer an item, Stevie still wants to be present and be in the delivery room to see his daughter being born. Awww how sweet. Stevie also reportedly included in his court documents a readout of quite rude and aggresive text messages saying “You will never see your daughter f***ing n****”. She’s quite beastly!!!

To add more fuel to the fire, Stevie has felt that Joesline has been abusing drugs and alcohol throughout her entire pregnancy, so he reportedly ask her to get tested. Not going to lie, those are some serious allegations!!!

Plus Joesline is going to have a water birth at a birthing centre. The birth will be aired on TV and will be called “Special Delivery” in April 2017. With Stevie being in the delivery room, he’ll bring in more ratings for the show. Let’s just hope she has a smooth delivery.

The fact that Stevie has to put up with this dragon for 18 years+ is going to be really hard and complete torture, for not only just him, but for their daughter aswell. Let’s just all hope for a miracle.


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