MTV’s 16 And Pregnant Star Valerie Fairman Dies At The Age Of 23

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So young…. SMH

Yesterday the news broke out that 23 year old Valerie Fairman from MTV’s reality show “16 and pregnant” passed away from a pressumed drug overdose. According to TMZ, her mum says that Valerie was at her friends house in Coatesiville, Pennslyvania when the incident took place. The friend repeatedly called Valerie’s name while she was in the bathroom, but there was no response.

Her friend then broke down the door and found Valerie unresponsive. There will be toxicology test done to determine the exact cause of death, but according to Valerie’s family they’re pretty certain that it was an overdose.

Now Valerie leaves behind her 7 year old daughter Nevaeh, who is currently in her mum’s care.

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Being on the show, Valerie has explained that she has struggled with dugs, infact she’s been arrested quite a few times. The charges include prostitution, resisting arrest and providing fraudulent ID to law enforcement.

Sending Condolences to Valerie and her family.



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