Rob And Blac Chyna Welcomed Their Baby Girl+Debuting ‘Rob & Chyna Baby Special’

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Baby Kardashian is here!!!

It’s official, Rob and Chyna are officially parents to a new born baby girl, Dream Renee Kardashian. Chyna gave birth to her via C-section around 9.18 am and weighing 7lbs, 5oz. According to E! News, both grandmothers Kris Jenner and Tokyo Toni were present at the birth alongside with the camera crew. The birth was filmed for Rob and Chyna’s upcoming baby special which will debut on the 18th December on E!.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Now before Dream Kardashian was born, she was already making headlines. Her parents announced they were expecting back in May which shocked everyone because they had just announced being official back in January, which meant they weren’t even together for that long. But despite what anyone thought, they continued to express their love and excitement about their new bundle of joy they were bringing into the world. Being first time parents to a baby girl, Chyna has a four year old son from a previous relationship with rapper Tyga.

Everyone who was in the delivery room did the #Mannequin challenge. Rob and Chyna post the video on their Instagram pages. Chyna must still have alot of energy to be doing all that!!!!

Renee is also Chyna’s middle name. Congrats to the couple.

Take a first look at Dream Renee Kardashian + The Mannequin Challenge.

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