New Video: Nick Cannon Ft Jeremih – If I Was Your Man

Image result for nick cannon if i was your man video

Okkkkkk Nick and Chilli…..It’s getting abit steamy up in here!!!!

After waiting for weeks on end, Nick has finally released his new single “If i was your man” featuring Jeremih along with former TLC member Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas as his leading lady.  It’s no secret that Nick has publicly expressed his crush for Chilli for years on end now, but watching the video definitely confirms it. Nick had dropped her name in the song by spitting bars like “Head to the back swagged out lookin’ like Chilli.”. Plus he also convinced her to be his leading lady in the video.

Wearing silk matching pajamas and lingerie, (acting like this is the 90’s), they’re both pulling off the old school R&B vibe very well. Having lip lock sessions on the balcony, caressing each other the bed and feeding each other cookies, it’s clear that these two are not shy showing their crazy, sexy, cool side.

Not going to lie, they do actually kind of suit well together.

Watch Video Below:


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