Police Brutality: Two Black Men Gunned Down For The Stupidest Reasons

From the words of Tupac Shakur: ” Police are the biggest gangs in America”

Seriously, is this the world we’re living in today? This has got to stop. Two shootings of two innocent black men has caught the world’s attention . Lets’s do one story at a time.

On Tuesday the 5th July around 12.30 am, a black man named Alton Sterling was shot by two police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for selling CD’s. The incident happened outside a convenient store on North Foster Drive when a homeless man approached Sterling and asked for money. The man was very persistent which lead to Alton showing him a gun, that’s when the homeless man then used his phone to call 911.

There are two videos that went viral showing Sterling death. The first footage is when you see the officers wrestle Alton down to the ground aggressively restraining him. Struggling to break free, one of the officers yells out “He’s got a gun!… You f***king move, I swear to God”. less than 2 seconds later, all you hear is 3 gun shots… then seconds later it’s followed by 3 more shots that all went to his chest.

The second footage is more graphic but with a closer angle. The footage shows Alton laying flat on his back, while one officer is kneeling on his left side while the other is straddling his legs. After the gun shots were fired, the surveillance camera leans to the right and focuses back on Sterling with blood gushing from his chest, while having one officer point the gun to his head.  As Sterling moves his left arm toward his face and then his chest, the other officer leans over his right pocket and pulled out, what appeared to be a gun. Baton Rouge police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr said Sterling was armed at the time he was killed.

The witness managed to clock onto altercation that happened between Sterling and the officers and was confused as to why the situation happened the way it did. He also stated that Alton was armed but was not holding the gun or touching any of his pockets, plus he noticed the officer removing the gun from Alton’s pocket. The witness turned out to be the owner of the store, Abdullah Muflahi.

Watch Very Graphic And Disturbing Videos Below:

Watch Alton’s Family Doing A Press conference:

Next Story…

Now that Alton’s shooting went worldwide, LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, the world was outraged again with shocking news that another innocent black man named Philando Castile has been shot. The footage you see is the girlfriend of Castile, Diamond Reynolds,  live streaming her boyfriend being shot by the police, when reaching for his driving license. Reynolds said it was traffic stop due to a broken tail light, but it was not. As Diamond sees Philando covered in blood, trying to keep calm, you hear the officer shout “F*ck!….I told him not to reach for it!… I told him to get his hand open.” While saying this, it sounded like he was coming close to tears.

More than a minute into the video, Reynolds is ordered to step out of the car and to get on her knees, where you hear the sounds of the handcuffs being placed on her. She asks about her daughter as she does in the clip and she’s held in the arms of one of the officers. Her phone is tossed to the ground but luckily it was still recording. Reynold’s phone is returned to her whilst being put in the back seat of a police car with her daughter. Coming up towards the end of the video, Diamond becomes more emotional, screaming “I can’t believe they did this!” With her daughter being so young and misunderstood as to what’s happened to her dad, she consoles her mum by saying “It’s OK, Mommy. It’s OK, I’m right here with you.”

Watch The Sad Video Below:

Watch Diamond Reynolds Break Her Silence:

Now in this clip you see 2 officers trying to arrest this man. Please watch this and compare the arrests between the white man and Alton Sterling.

This Is A MUST Watch Below:

Now say what you want but guaranteed if this was to be a black man, there would’ve no tazers, explanation as to why he’s being arrested or let you speak for that long. A black man would have either been shot or brutality beaten. Point blank period.

Watch Celebrities Reactions And Comments About The Shootings:

These videos are here for a reason. Just one more.

Watch Below:


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