Chris Brown’s Stalker Gets Arrested Again At His Home For The Second Time


What is it with these girls, can’t they take the hint???!!!

Once again Chris Brown’s stalker gets arrested not once but twice. It seems like Chris can’t catch a break when it comes to his possessed fans. According to TMZ, Chris’s stalker Danielle Patti, waited outside of the singer’s property until his gates opened around 3am Thursday before she was busted for trespassing. Danielle welcomed herself in, until she was caught by one of Brown’s security and held her until the police arrived. The funny thing is Chris was at his home from when this was going on. SMH. Chris and his attorney have filed a restraining order against Patti.

She was charged with two counts of trespassing. She pled not guilty on Friday.

Incidents like this must have Chris on edge because he don’t know what these sneaky chicks have up their sleeves, especially these crazy ones.

This girl needs to wise up and get a life!

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