New Music: Chris Brown Ft Tank, R Kelly And Anthony Hamilton

back to sleep remix 3

He’s done it again!

Chris is back at it again with another surprise of releasing round 3 of the “Back to sleep” remixes. After delivering two remixes featuring Usher, Zayn Malik, August Alsina, and Trey Songz, this time he picked veterans in the music game who always manages to shut it down all day everyday…. I’m talking about R&B singer Tank, the king of R&B R.Kelly and singer songwriter Anthony Hamilton.

Listening to the song, each verse you hear Tank talking about that “Stick talk”, Kellz going in till “6 in the morning” and Anthony “getting it on the sofa”. I must say each remix is becoming more and more freakier than the last.

I have to give it to Chris, he did come through with the Tank collaboration for this remix, now we just have to wait and see if the Bryson Tiller collab is going to happen. Do you think it will be banger than the rest???

As we’ve been doing…. we’ll just have to wait and see!!!

Listen Below:



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