Kelly Rowland Shows Us What Motherhood Looks Like In New Dreft Advert

A teenager from Destiny’s Child to Kelly the Mummy.

The former Destiny’s Child member is keeping her son out of the public eye (which is totally understandable), but in the one minute ad, Kelly is showing the world what motherhood looks like when she is bonding with her son Titan.

Kelly is the new spokesperson for Dreft as part of the “Amazinghood” campaign, so Kelly and her 6 month old are featured in the¬†hypoallergenic laundry detergent advert, showing what a regular day is like for a mother and son, which shows walks in the park, laughing and playing together and sleepy time.

From the looks in the video, you can tell Kelly is head over heels in love with her bundle of joy and this is just one of many moments we’ll of Kelly and Titan together. I wonder what Tim and Titan have in store for Kelly’s first Mother’s day.

Motherhood Definitely suits Kelly.

Check Out Ad Below:

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