Future’s Response To Ciara Dating Russell Wilson: “I Wish I Cared”

I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else

Not in this case.

Now that Ciara and Russell have finally made it official by showing up at the White House state dinner together, many were supportive of the new couple….. except her ex fiancée Future. During the course of their breakup, Future has stayed very silent up until this point. From when Cici’s fan started going in on Future’s IG, that’s when enough was enough for the rapper.

Future took to his twitter accouunt and expressed how he felt about his ex moving on. He simply wrote:

Future Reacts to Ciara Dating Russell Wilson 2

Future Reacts to Ciara Dating Russell Wilson 1

It looks like from the sounds of it Future doesn’t actually care. Many people believe he only said he doesn’t care on twitter to save his pride as a man, and to show you that he couldn’t care less about what’s going on between Ciara and her boo Russell, within less than week of ‘Ciarell’s appearance at the white house, one of Future’s baby mothers Brittni Mealy uploaded a picture on instagram of the rapper and herself taking a hike. Mind you out of all 4 of the baby mothers that the rapper has, Brittni was the least supportive of Ciara and Future’s relationship, she claimed Ciara messed up the “family” unit and was the reason he left her for the singer. Looks like their in each others good books again.


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