Drake And Madonna LipLock During Coachella Performance

What is it with Madonna kissing people on stage?!

Madonna can’t help herself. When Madonna is ready to put it on ya, best believe you better be ready. On Sunday 12th April, Drake was performing the song “Madonna” from the ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’  album and decided to bring out the queen of pop herself.

Madonna performed afew of her songs before she made the biggest memorable moment of the night. The 56 year old legend groped Drake’s chest and gave him a long passionate kiss. Reviving for air, Drake had a disgusted look on his face that had us wondering if the kiss was a disaster, but luckily he said it was the lipstick that sickened him, not Madge’s kissing technique. After the kiss, Madonna wanted to make it clear to the crowd who she is, and by doing that she simply said “I’m Madonna” and walked off stage with style. Work it hunny!!!

Drizzy who appeared to be shocked, excited and disgusted all at the same time, laughed it off by saying “Oh sh*t, What the f*uck just happened”

Check Out Video Below:

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