Chris Brown Shares First Public Pic With His Daughter Royalty

Besotted: Chris Brown posted adoring photos of his daughter Royalty to Instagram on Thursday night

Can't get enough of her! Brown posted another photo that night of his curly haired daughter as she wore a stripy monochrome shirt

How Cute Is This!!!!!!

Looks like Chris is stepping his daddy game up. A Couple hours ago Chris posted a pic of him snuggling up with his 10 month old baby Royalty and smiling from ear to ear, with a caption “God has blessed my twin. #ROYALTY”. It seems as though he dressed her because they’re wearing matching colour hoodies. The singer has known to be very involved in his daughter’s life to the point where he’s asked the mother of his child, Nia to move them both to LA. Although Chris and Nia are not romantically involved with each other, we’re told that he genuinely wants a meaningful relationship with Royalty and would like to see her everyday. The parents are currently sorting out negotiations over child support.

For the moment, Chris is reportedly paying more than the usual amount required but could be cut off very soon due to the suspicions of Nia leaking stories about him to the media.

Chris makes some good looking babies!

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