Justin Bieber has NO respect for Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s Relationship

Errrrrr what’s going on here

From when  two artist perform on stage and make it publicly know that they’re seeing each other, that means he or she is off limits, and from the looks of it this is definitely a she moment. Ariana Grande was performing in Inglweood, California when she brought out Justin Bieber as a special guest to perform songs such as, “Love me harder”, “Where are you now” and “As long as you love me”. During the performance, you see that Ariana and Justin have great chemistry when performing together, even flirting with each other until you see JB taking things abit too far. I think Justin had a slight memory loss forgetting that Ariana is already boo’d up.

When finishing the show with the song “As long as you love me” which features Ariana’s boo Big Sean who by the way is on the original version, Justin felt the need to wrap his arms around her. Although the clip lasted 7 seconds, the PDA was believable for the “belibers” to “beliebe”.  Moments later, Big Sean apparently tweeted about how he felt JB getting abit to comfortable with his girl.

What do you guys think. Do you think his tweet is true or false?

Check Out Video Below:

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