Rapper Plies Gets Thrown Off Stage By A Fan

On Saturday not “Satay” the rapper/instagram comedian was performing a concert in Tallahassee Florida when he invited a fan on stage, and from that point on things turned ugly real quick.

In the clip you see the fan getting way too close to Plies to the point where you hear him say “We too close to be two n*ggas, we can’t be too close dawg”, after that remark, the guy bear hugs the 38 year old rapper and throws him off the stage while the security watched everything go down and the crowd goes insane. Apparently from when Plies had said what he said, the fan felt like he was embarrassing and disrespecting him, so that’s the reason why he did what he did.After the whole fiasco, the security throws the fan out of the building and if that’s not crazy enough, Plies get right back on stage finishing off his set while fights were breaking out in the crowd.

Can we all say D R A M A.

The beastly attacker went home and immediately started uploading videos and explaining how he felt about someone who was one of their favourite rappers could feel the need to outright disrespect him like that.

Plies has not yet commented about what went down, but for one thing he’s definitely making it known that his “Sweet p*ussy Satday” videos on Instagram are definitely continuing from here on out.

Check Both Videos Below:

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