Beyonce Debuts New Video ‘Die With You’ On 7th Wedding Anniversary

Who knew Bey could play the Piano?!, what other talents is she hiding!

Today marks the 7th anniversary of Jay Z and Beyonce, and to celebrate, Beyonce debuts a new video and song on TIDAL called “Die with you”. In the three and a half minute clip, you see Mrs Carter behind the piano serenade to Jigga and singing lyrics such as “I wake up just to sleep next to you”, “I open my eyes so i can see with you” and “I live so i can die with you”. At the end of the clip Mrs. Carter screams “yeah, thank you!” to the camera man… who (SPOILER ALERT!) ends up being Jay, of course.

you can tell she’s pouring out her love in this song.

Uh Oh. Now this is part that sucks. Although the clip has gone viral, I’m pretty sure it won’t be up for long. In order to watch the full clip, it would only be available to those who have an account with Tidal, otherwise it’s your loss. Luckily i have the video.

Tell me what you think

Check Out Video Below:

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