Wild ‘N’ Out Nick Cannon Gets New Tattoo

0313-nick-cannon-complete-back-tattoo-launch-3.jpgNick is definitely doing a fabulous job of making sure that he is over Mariah Carey once and for all. The Wild N Out star tatted over his old ” Mariah” tattoo and replaced it with Jesus being hanged on the cross and 2 cherubs on the side (His kids) with a message saying ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do” Could that possibly be fired at Mariah?

The pic on the left shows the original “Mariah” tattoo that he got way back in 2009. The pic on the right shows the not so finished tat. According to TMZ, Nick wasn’t quite satisfied with the results of how his back looked, so he went to a tattoo parlor in Costa Mesa and spent 10 painful hours in the chair. From the looks of the finishing touches of the tattoo, it doesn’t even look like Nick got the Mariah tattoo done to begin with. The tattoo artist did a VERY good job.

Nick Cannon’s business partner, Pep Williams, Chronicled the process in photos which will appear in Urban Ink magazine Later on this month.

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