Did Peter Gunz Propose To His Ex Tara Wallace?

Is He Insane!

Anyone who watches “Love And Hip Hop NY” knows that Peter Gunz is not capable of being in a one woman relationship. After being with Tara Wallace for over ten years and having 2 kids together, he still wouldn’t marry her. Instead, he married his mistress/ side chick Amina Buddafly who recently just gave birth to their new born baby Cori. We’re now hearing things have changed since they last filmed in Barbados. According to Mediatakeout.com, someone who works within the “LHHNY” team said not only did Perter propose to Tara, she accepted and now the couple are finally engaged. Looks like Tara maybe getting the happy ending she’s always wanted.

During a recent interview  with VLAD TV, Amina revealed that she knew about the trip to Barbados by the time in aired, but what she couldn’t believe was Peter was asking Tara for a second chance.

“The time that it aired, I already knew they had went on vacation, but seeing it, and seeing the interactions and the conversation was definitely hard, “For him to ask her to get back together, that was the worst part for me,”

Amina admitted she is over the rapper and the double life hes’s been living. “At this point I’ve given up hop that it’s ever gonna change, because I had that hope in the beginning, I kept it and I kept falling back into believing him, but after a certain time anyone gets it and anyone understand that that’s just not going to change and that’s where I’m at now.” She also added ” I knew what kind of a guy he was and kept that hope”. Towards the end of the interview she did say a positives and negatives comments about Peter saying “He’s a great guy. He’s just not a good husband, or boyfriend, and he knows it,”

Check out Interview Below:

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