Model Winnie Harlow Slays Diesel Campaign

Its not everyday that you see a 19 year old Canadian model who has vitiligo gracing the pages of big time magazines covers.

Meet former “America’s Next Top Model” Winnie Harlow. Real name Chantelle Brown Young who developed the skin condition virtiligo from the age of four. Vitiligo is a condition which causes areas of the skin to lose pigmentation. Winnie is opening doors in the fashion world for men and women around the world living with vitiligo and similar conditions. Although she’s recently been eliminated from the current series of ANTM, Winnie has just been signed as the new face of Desiguel.

“I got it when I was around three or four years old. When I got older, it got harder ’cause as kids get older, they get meaner. So I went through a lot of bullying with people calling me ‘zebra’ and ‘cow’ and stuff like that. So it was really hard for me growing up,”


The former ANTM  has learned to embrace her best asset and use it to her advantage.While she may not always been in the middle of the frame, she is without a doubt the centre of attention in these shots. Winnie has shown the world her confidence and self-esteem is the particular feature of what makes her beauty beautiful.

In a TED Talks last year, Winnie shared some of her experiences on what it was like to lose friends, being bullied and having parents think her condition was contagious. This soon made her realise the best decision was to fit in her own mold.

Check It Out Below:

Check Out More Pics Below

This is Winnie partying it up with Drake at the SuperBowl

Then and Now

This goes to show you that no matter what a person looks like people are always going to talk no matter what the case may be but you just have to believe in yourself and keep it moving!!!

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  1. This is an inspiring post for people out there who dare to be different! Go Winnie! It’s all about keeping it moving!

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