Kevin McCall Speaks Out On What Really Went Down Between Eva Marcille, Marriage and Beef He had With Chris Brown

Kevin Mccall Ain’t Holding Back!!!

The 29 year old singer-songwriter is currently going through it with “America’s Next Top Model” ex girlfriend Eva Marcille, regarding their 1 year old daughter, Marley Rae. Kevin recently dropped by VLAD TV and explained how he and Eva went from being madly in love, to literally NOT speaking at all! This is a recent tweet from Kevin

 photo kew2.jpgThis whole situation turned sour when Eva, allegedly reported Kevin for chasing her around the house, and threatening to punch her. This alleged dispute, led to a restraining order restricting Kevin from Eva which led to him not being able to see his daughter.

These days whenever you hear about Kevin and Eva it all gets from bad to worse, very quick! The “Cali native”, first spoke out how he and Eva first met. He revealed they met at a Chris Brown concert, where she assumed that he came from a “state penitentiary”. He explained  Eva got pregnant within the first 2-3 months after dating, then pressured him to get married. Kevin said he wasn’t ready for marriage because he planned on being married at the age of 30, but Eva insisted which made him feel even more uncomfortable.

The R&B singer said after everything went down between him and Eva, she asked him to move back in with him. According to Kevin, Eva wanted to put it all behind her. but here’s how it gets messy, once the rumor about Kevin abusing Eva got out, Eva was then interviewed on TMZ. He explains when the question was put to Eva about whether or not he abused her, Kevin stated that Eva did not defend him but later  asked Kevin to move back in,  with a string of conditions attached which included marriage, anger management etc. Kevin didn’t take up the offer, and so he deuced out!

As far the conflict that Kevin had with Chris brown, he felt as though Chris (who he’s sign to) wasn’t really taking him seriously as far as the music was concerned. Chris stopped signing off new deals which caused money flow to stop.

To watch Interview check it out here:

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